Floral Interiors accepts a variety of payment options.

Direct Bank Deposit / EFT / Bank Transfer:
Please contact Head Office for Bank Deposit Details or refer to the bottom of the Proforma Invoice or Tax Invoice for these details. When completing a transaction write your company name in the description so we know the payment is from you and email or fax us a copy of the completed transaction.
A payment is considered complete when the funds have been cleared.

Credit Card:
We only accept MasterCard & Visa. To complete an online payment you must provide the following: cardholders name, card number, and card expiry date. All online Credit Card transactions use a split-email process, which is extremely secure. Payment's for Proforma Invoices will not be charged until goods are ready for dispatch.

All cheques are to be made out to Floral Interiors. A payment is considered complete when the funds have been cleared. All cheque(s) must be posted to our Melbourne Head Office address (see Contact Us).

Settlement Terms & Overdue Accounts:
Settlement discount of 2.5% is available for account customer invoices (excludes Proforma invoices) paid within 7 days of invoice date. Otherwise we require payment strictly 30 days from invoice date.

An account is considered overdue if unpaid 31days from the date of Invoice. We reserve the right to stop supply, cancel an account or simply place any account considered overdue back on Proforma terms until such time we feel you are capable of paying within our terms .
Further and in accordance with the 'Procurement 30 Day Payment Policy for Small Business' introduced by the ATO in effect of 1st December 2008 we reserve the right to charge a Late Payment Interest fee on all accounts that lapse into 90 days. Interest will be charged daily for each day the account has been overdue and billed at the end of the month in the form of a Tax Invoice [excl. GST] and sent with your month-end statement. Where the Late Payment Interest is calculated and is below $10.00 an Administration Fee of $10 will apply instead. The general interest rate we will use to calculate the Late Payment Interest is updated by the ATO quarterly and is available from the Australian Taxation Office website. Where final outstanding amounts are made before month-end you will be required to notify us so a Tax Invoice for Late Payment Interest can be issued prior to final payment. We also reserve the right to charge an account-keeping fee of $10 per month on overdue balances to assist with collection costs.

All Monies Retention of Title:
All goods remain the property of Floral Interiors and the Title in any goods does not pass to the Purchaser until all debts owed to Floral Interiors on any account whatsoever, including Interest, Bank Charges, Legal Fees and Collection Expenses are paid in full. In this regard the Purchaser grants the right for Floral Interiors to enter the Purchaser's premises, or any other premises where the goods are reasonably believed to be stored, without notice, to take possession of the goods.